Friday, 12 April 2013

biOrganics Hair Therapy Treatments

at Twizzlez Mobile Hair Stylist.

We have done it our new eCommerce website is up and running so now there is even more reason to take a look at and grab some spring bargains. biOrganics is the leading world brand in head treatments and is formulated not just for the very discerning lady but also for vegans.

We now stock the full range at fantastic prices and they can be ordered directly on our website and delivered to your home.
Take a look now by clicking on the following links:

Example for our website:

We are offering free delivery to anywhere in the UK with orders over £ 45.00

And soon to follow we are hoping to add accessories to style your hair such as GHD products, brushes, combs and hair dryers, lots lots more to come but for teh moment browse the new additions to our site and fantastic biOrganic product range. Orders will be able to be placed from Sunday the 14th April and payments taken online via PayPal secure online payments system.

Tell your friends and remember ig your a Vegan our products are especially for you.

Best Wishes
Terrie Evangelista @ Twizzlez


Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday News From Twizzlez

Friday News From Terrie.

Hi everyone hope you have all had a fantastic week and have exciting plans for the weekend.

I'm off to a new client in the morning and just arrived home from my last client of the day after fitting some REMY 100% natural hair extensions to yet another new client.

It's been a busy but interesting week.

Going to curl up with a glass of white chilled wine and relax for an hour then of to the land of dreams
for this little hair stylist.

Have you had a look at my website recently ?

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We are going to have lots of special offers soon at our NEW Online Hair & Beauty Shop.

Hope everyone has sweet dreams, from Terrie @ Twizzlez

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Online Shop Coming to Twizzlez Website

Hi everyone hope you have all had a good couple of days and snow all gone
from where ever you are.

Been busy, busy with my clients so far this week and tomorrow out doing some sales and marketing in the morning then snip, snip and hair extensions in the afternoon and early evening.

Well your all aware of my new project with Trevor Adams Studios in Accrington
and my role as your personal hair and make-up stylist for the Corporate and PR shoots ......

Well Twizzlez is moving forward yet again with our very own Online Shop on our website.

Great hair and facilial beauty products at fantastic prices from on of the worlds major cosmetic and hair producers. Would love to tell you which one but we have promised to keep it hush, hush until the website is ready to go live in the next couple of days.

You will be able to order and pay online and delivery will be direct to your home, payments will be by PAYPAL one of the worlds best known financial transaction organisations so security is gauranteed.

So a big launch with very special promotions to kick of the product range, and our online outlet.

So we are counting down the days to the big launch.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Morning Accrington, Morning Rossendale

Windy outside but not to worry I'm on the road again. What would I do without my lovely daughter to help me the sunshine in my day along with my two little fellas. I'm a single mum so running a home and a business is sometimes stress full... ! as some will know. So having a daughter is also your best freind and helps is such an incredible thing.

My wonderful daughter MAD AS A HATTER

Well my dear clients what have you in store for me today fun, laughter and probably a few surprises all in a days work for a mobile hair stylist.

My website:

Don't forget to tell everyone about Trevor Adams Studios new project, give him a call and have a look at his website for details.

I'm going to be your hair and make-up stylist for the shoots, FUN FUN amd more FUN.
Perhaps we will meet up there and I'll get the opportunity to style your hair and show you a few make-up tricks over a coffee.

Have a great day see you all soon I hope.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Plaits Are Back

Hi everyone hope you all had a great day, I've been busy snip snip around the town with clients, but just thought I would show you some new styles from my collection.

First take my REMY 100% Natural Hair Extensions, for those of you with short to medium length hair of course, next choose a great vibrant colour, to suite your inner self and then lets work some magic .... !

And the results  ........... WOOOH

Plaits Are Back.
            Valentines Special                                                                              Wedding Special                   

Morning everyone bright morning here in Accrington, hope everyone has a
great day and the sun shines on you.

Call today to make your next appointment 07999 535724.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Wedding Service

Wedding Service Make-Up & Hair Stylist

Are you getting married in 2013 or 2014 already planning the great day, getting together your budget and dates, its a headache and costly but its the most special day in any girls life.

And then the day arrives up with the lark to get to the salon then back home to dress and off to the ceremony ... On time if your lucky.

Well why not call us here at Twizzlez we can assist during the planning stage and come to your home on the morning to style your hair and do your make-up less stress and of course its going to reduce your costs which is very important for everyone.

We are experts in designing a style to match your dress and your personality so give us a call and visit our website for further details.

Call Terrie on 07999 535724 for a free consultation
and let Twizzlez assist in making your special day even more special.